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Under the slow pace of Easter Vegueta

It is below sea beaches of Gran Canaria. Under good weather an ocean of history and culture is safeguarded. And religious fervor. A sea of traditions that comes out during Easter Island. Days of celebrations that keep us bound to the islanders who lived centuries ago. And it is very easy to go back, jumped into the past, between the streets of Vegueta, the old town of Las Palmas.Five centuries, although the years ran like a river, under the courtyards of old houses. In places of the city that move traditions from father to son. Traditions such as Easter, which includes half the city under the flight of pigeons living in Santa Ana. Close to museums, small taverns. At the foot of the cathedral that raised a lot of years ago in the middle of nowhere.

15th International Film Festival of Las Palmas 2015

The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival, organized by the department of Culture of the City of Las Palmas, celebrates its 15th edition from 14 to 21 March, with important developments add to the supply room movies a series of meetings and special events that make the film into the street.The 2015 Festival will have three sections as differentiated as interconnected. In some cases the difference is in the type of film and place in which it is desired to consume.'In the film','The film outside','The film inside'.